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At Chefnet, our aim is to create long-lasting relationships with our clients. We continuously keep a close eye on the hospitality labour market, which makes it possible for us to recruit the best people within the industry and provide our clients with access to a strong network of professional and experienced staff.

Managing your staffing levels and positions vacant in the ever-changing hospitality industry presents challenges for all employers. Our role at Chefnet is to act as an intermediary matching the right staff with the right employer, hence providing you with hassle-free access to quality staff.

At Chefnet, we believe our company has a competitive advantage to other organisations operating within hospitality employment and recruitment sector. We carry out thorough selection procedures which ensure that we choose and register "True Professionals" who are proud to be part of the hospitality industry and are serious about their trade.

Secondly we have an advantage on our competitors as the team at Chefnet possess a practical understanding of the hospitality, having been part of the industry ourselves, enabling us to really grasp our clients staffing requirements. Best of all, if you don’t feel we have made a choice that is right for you, we have the ability to automatically address the issue and find another member who suits your request, hence choosing Chefnet for your recruitment needs can really eliminate the time and energy spent looking for quality staff.

In addition using the Chefnet network provides you with the financial freedom to pay for staff only when they are required, hence removing costly industry downtimes. By choosing Chefnet there is no need to think about super, holiday or sick pay as all of these are covered through our service.

Chefnet has a vast network of both casual or permanent chefs’ and hospitality staff. With over 700 hospitality staff currently registered, we guarantee that staff supplied by Chefnet will arrive at your premises in neat, clean attire and will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Furthermore, our members possess a wide range of complimentary skills such as managing general operations including; costing, percentages, maintaining and running a kitchen, whilst providing a high standard of quality and service every time.

When selecting Chefnet for your recruitment needs:

  • You will have people who are qualified and experienced in the hospitality industry accurately assisting you with your staffing needs.
  • You will have access to a team and a network of staff who are dedicated to quality and professionalism. You will have access to our large database of potential staff members, all of whom have been comprehensively screened and accessed for their skills and commitment.
  • You will have peace of mind and more free time to spend on other business matters.

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